In addition to auctions, Woodshed Art Auctions provides art restoration and conservation services. Although artwork is crafted to stand the test of time, years of exposure to oxygen, light, and foreign materials like dust and smoke can make a once lustrous piece dim and dull. To mediate this, we offer a variety of services to restore your artwork to its original grandeur.

Amazing and exciting. Truly brought back from the dead...we love it and it hangs in a place of distinction where we’re sure to see it every day.
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Scott & Rae, Rhode Island Antiques Mall

Our Restoration Services include:


This process will reverse the effects of smoke, moisture, and mold. A thorough cleaning will also lighten a darkening vanish and recapture soft colors and textures.

Color Restoration

This cleaning method nourishes the paint surface to slow oil paint’s oxidation process. When properly employed, it can restore color to reflect the artist’s original intended vision. After the cleaning process, a varnish is applied to maintain the restored color.


Our reweaving techniques allow for repairing canvas damages including cracks, notches and depressions. Where required, paint will be reapplied to achieve a full restoration.

Paint Repair

In cases of lost or deteriorated paint, our team of restoration experts can provide undetectable inpainting and retouching.


A protective measure to prevent paint-yellowing, varnish will also provide UV light filtering for additional surface protection.

Painting Stabilization

Intended for fragile canvasses, this process will mount the original canvas onto linen, canvas or hardboard in order to relax the paint film and slow the development of stress cracks and other types of deterioration caused by tension, flexing, and mishandling.

Insurance Claims

In the case of damage to an insured piece of artwork, we will draft claims for your provider, detailing the specific cause of damage, impact on value, and cost of repair.

We are THRILLED with the work you've done on our painting! We literally gasped when we saw ``our man``. I had stared at that painting for countless hours and never realized his hair was long and cascading down his shoulder!
We are very excited ...
Thank you so much!

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