If you are considering selling fine art, Woodshed Art Auctions can assist you with the process.
We offer personalized service and will guide you from the initial appraisal to the final sale.

Consignment Process

Send Art for Consignment

Once invited to consign, you will receive instructions on how to ship the artwork or arrange for an in-person meeting. If you choose to ship items, be sure to include a packing list and copies of any email correspondence.

Please note: auction estimates based on photographs may be revised once we assess the item in person.

Sign a Consignment Contract

The consignment contract outlines seller’s commission rates and the low and high auction estimate. This estimate sale price is meant as a guide, not a guarantee. For highly valued pieces, you may set a reserve price that must be met before it can be sold. The reserve price is also included in the consignment contract. Most items listed by Woodshed Art Auctions are offered without reserve, which often leads to higher bidder competition and a higher hammer price.

Photography, Catalogs, and Marketing

To create the auctions, and market the catalogues effectively, plan at 4-6 weeks from the time you sign a consignment contract until the auction date.

During this period, Woodshed Art Auctions will research and catalog your artwork, capture high quality images of it, and determine auction promotion, including press release, email and social media campaigns, and a dedicated web page for each auction. A description and high quality photograph of the item will also appear in the online auction catalog.

Watch for your Pre-Sale Notice

Two weeks before the auction, in which your property is scheduled to sell, you will receive a pre-sale email notice with the auction name, number, date, and lot numbers of your property.

Point of Sale

If your property sold, congratulations! Expect to receive payment within 30 days of the auction.

Sometimes we will make the strategic decision to pass on a lot rather than sell for less than its value. In the event that your property fails to sell, you may 1) choose to offer the lot again in a future auction or 2) have your property returned to you. Charges may apply for returned property. We can make arrangements for either of these options after the auction.

Commission Rates

Woodshed Art Auctions frequently adjusts seller’s commission rates to be competitive in the auction industry. Our current seller’s commission rates are:

  • 30% of the first $5,000
  • 20% of amounts between $5,001 and $50,000
  • 15% of amounts between $50,001 and $100,000
  • 10% of amounts above $100,001